General rules

Check-in and check-out

  • 1 PM check-in
  • 11 AM check-out, fees are applicable for late departures.
  • Visitors and guests’ departure must be before 10:45 PM. Fees are applicable for visitors and guests who are spending the night on the campsite.


  • From 11 PM to 9 AM

Radio and television

  • Please avoid disturbing the neighbours.

Cats and dogs

  • Domesticated animals are allowed.
  • They must be leashed at all times and must not disturb the neighbours.
  • You must clean up after your animals.
  • Any visitors’ dogs are not allowed.


  • Wastes must be stored in plastic bags before being placed in outside garbage cans.

Water and electricity

  • Water-wasting is strictly forbidden.
  • Car-washing is forbidden on campsite.
  • Each rented campsite with services allows you to use a power outlet and a faucet.
  • One outside light only.

Recreational vehicles

  • No recreational vehicle must be driven on the campsite.
  • 5 km per hour speed limit for ATV and other vehicles.
  • ATV use must be limited. One departure and one arrival per day are allowed.
  • A valid license is mandatory for all vehicles circulating on campsite.


  • Fires are only allowed if in fire pots.
  • Moving fire pots is not allowed.


  • Tying (clothes-lines) or hanging something, or using screws or nails on trees is not allowed.
  • Splitting wood on campsite is strictly prohibited.
  • Cutting, trimming, barking or damaging trees, shrubs or flowers is strictly prohibited.

Playing areas

  • Playing areas must be respected.
  • The playing area is open from 9 AM to 9 PM.

Washroom facilities

  • Only registered campers may use the showers.


  • The owner and its representative reserve the right to evict, without indemnities, any camper or visitor deemed unwanted.
*The owner reserves the right to modify those rules without notice.